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Salon Almond Structure

with Amanda & Maddie


new - fill - shorten - fix

Monday July 15th 5pm - 9pm

#204  120 Sonnenschein way

Saskatoon, SK

Join Maddie & Amanda for a "COVER ALL"  Almond Salon Shaping. This 4 hour FOCUSED workshop is directly designed to  step up your Almonds.

From forming a new almond to filling and shortening, especially those problem nails! You know the ones where you shorten them and now there's chunks missing out the sides and they all of a sudden look like mini curved claws.

Oh and how about the ones that from the top look great... but that side view is "blocky" and not "curvey" like they should be.

We've all been there! 


Workshop Supply List

• Everything you need to do a basic set 

• Bring your FOUNDATION products and equipment only (please no acrylic... poly or gel only)

• pack light, don't worry about color or art (we're not going there)

• If you forget something, no worry... we probably have it at the studio!  

you'll need to do some homework!

come with (on one hand) 

2 nails bare

3 nails almond needing a fill (if you have to build them right before you come.. make them longer then normal)


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 4.26.41 AM.png

Keep up with your clients!

$75 deposit required to save your seat (paypal)

remaining $75 e-transfer to by  May 31st

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