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Calgary, AB



Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

Sushi - Sashimi

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is:


Sun Sign:


Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word:


Favourite pastime:

Breed, Train and show Cowhorse and Boston Terrier ( soon Frenchies) this is a daily training nota pass time

My life summed up in one song or movie:

Still thinking.....

Favourite must have nail product:

Black, White, acrylgel, Swarovskis and brushes

Mano is NMC Studios first bilingual educator!

You can find her at Mano’s Beauty Bar in Calgary, Alberta and she has been mastering shaping and art in the industry for more than 30 years.

A key part of her success is always keeping on track with the latest trends and as a result is renowned among her students and clients for nail shaping and exclusive nail art designs that stand out.

She herself has trained with some of the best around the world including Europe, Russia, USA and Hungary.

Coming from a background in dermatological nursing she really understand the science of skin and what goes into taking care of it. Which has been extremely beneficial in her Cosmetic tattoo practice. Only the best techniques are used to help skin heal beautifully and without scarring.   

Mano graduated from an exclusive Permanent Makeup Academy in 2014 and since graduating she has undergone additional training: PHIBROWS Microblading, Nano Brows, Powder/Ombre Brows, Hybrid Brows, Eyeliners,  Lip Blush, Dark Lip Neutralization and Line tattoo. Ensuring she always provides her clients with the latest and best in beauty trends - be it nails or tattooing - products or education.





  Brenda O'Toole 


"Finished Touch Nails"

Rocky Mountain House, AB



Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

Gummy Candies
BBQ Steak
Pear & Elderflower Martini

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: Machete

Sun Sign: Gemini

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Welcoming

Favourite pastime:

Reading – Mystery, SciFi, Romance

Crocheting / Knitting

My life summed up in one song or movie: Alive - Hedley
Life is a Highway – Tom Cochran

Favourite must have nail product:

Cover pink builder
Great quality brushes

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Brenda by day runs a local refrigeration company as the office manager.

It’s by night where she creates beautiful nails and masterpieces!
She is a mom to 4 adult children, who are off and running … taking on the world!!

She became a nail tech later in life (2010), initially as a way to earn extra income. Little did she know her talent (especially for art) would grow into a passion over the last 12 years. In 2018 she had enough of keeping her talent to her self and threw on an educator hat to share the swirls. (This gal can filigree like no ones business!)
For the love of new products and taking new classes, she is amazed how the industry has continued to grow and evolve.
Proper product application & structure is key, but the art is sneaking her language!!

For her clients she offers nail enhancements with gel and acrylgel. For all you future students of hers… just you wait to see what she brings to the table!!!
Oh did we mention she’s a killer martini mixologist!!





Chris Esselink



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One Stroke Basics

NMC Acryl-gels

Pedicures 101

"Shear & File "

Grand Forks, BC



Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

PASTA (should have been Italian)

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: a machete… I can kill it, eat it or carve/create with it

Sun Sign: Leo

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Team... There's no "I" in team

Favourite pastime: If not buried in work… quadding, riding motorcycle or hunting.

My life summed up in one song or movie: Crazy Train

Favourite must have nail product: Brushes (I'm a hoarder) lol

Chris (Christine) Esselink, located in southern BC, Greenwood…

Canada's smallest city :)

 Chris is a mother of 2 grown adult children and grandmother of 1 teenage grandson. She has graced the nail industry for 11 years, sharing her passion and teaching for the past 8. Previously she has served as an Education Director and is now excited to create her own workshops.


Chris is crazy busy with her work schedule but is still constantly taking as many nail classes as time permits.  Becoming a member of the Nail Masters Competition team in 2018, she placed in her 2nd competition.


Chris believes competition stretches you. This is a great way to expand your boundaries.

"You are the one who limits yourself".





  Tanya Warner 



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Proper & Professional Product Removal 


Back to Basics

Structure & Shaping

Mixed Media 1

Mixed Media 2

Christmas Shine Plasticine



"Just Imagine Nail Design"

Red Deer, AB





Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

Mexican (enchilada’s specifically)

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: hammock!

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Passion

Favourite pastime: Helping others with tech, planner decorating & card making, horseback riding.

My life summed up in one song or movie: Crazy Train (no clue really!) lol

Favourite must have nail product: Bonder

Tanya currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta and is well versed in many areas of advanced aesthetics, bringing 33 years of experience and hands on knowledge to the team. She has trained in a wide range of designations, including advanced pedicures (including diabetic foot care), waxing, and nail enhancements including gel, gel polish, acrylic, and acrylgel.

Tanya boasts a very impressive resume, spanning thought both Canada and the United States, as she is a dual citizen. She has been a member of several state boards, boasts many certifications and has attended countless workshops through out her career. She has been educating off and on since 2000.

Tanya very much believes that “Encouragement Is Empowering”. She has a true passion for teaching. She has grown in her abilities as an educator by listening and also learning from her students. She believes everyone has their own way and style of learning and through that we must adapt our teaching style. Her biggest successes are seeing her students succeed.

Tanya is exceptionally diverse in the classes that she is capable of teaching and very much loves education in general. Whether it is shaping, form placement, 3D acrylic, or mixed media, Tanya has you covered.





Chantel Joy



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"Infinity Advanced Aesthetics"

Lloydminster, SK




Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

Does wine or coffee count?

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: Wilson!

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Community

Favourite pastime: Making money

My life summed up in one song or movie: Tear you apart by she wants revenge

Favourite must have nail product: black paint style gel OR chunky iridescent glitter

Chantel is the owner operator of

Infinity Advanced Aesthetics ~ Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo.


Infinity offers a wide range of advanced aesthetic and paramedical services and is a stockist for the NMC Studio product line in Lloydminster.


Chantel is a 23 year veteran in the industry and has come full circle. She has thrived as a student of the art of natural enhancement, exploring and perfecting her skills. She naturally progressed into the roll of educator. She has been teaching in multiple designations both locally and internationally for several reputable companies since 2013 and is co-founder of the NMC Studios Product Line.

An award winning nail technician who was nominated for Canadian Nail Tech of the year in 2018. She has taken home multiple awards and trophies including First place recipient in Hand Painted Art at Nail Masters Canada Veteran Level and has competed in Nail Pro in Orlando. She is a 33 times certified Paramedical service provider and Permanent Make Up Artist and educator and continues to seek advanced education and classes to add to her skill set. She holds a strong passion for restorative work including camouflaging surgical and self harm scars as well as burns and other traumas. Of the many designations she enjoys teaching encapsulated art , speed and proficiency as well as client management is among her favorites.





Madison Froese



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"NMC Studios Saskatoon"

Saskatoon, SK

facebook: nmcstudiossaskatoon


Fun Facts

Favourite Food:

Does a mimosa count? It has oranges…

If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: Sunscreen  :)

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Togetherness & camaraderie

Favourite pastime: I live for summers at the lake. Good luck finding me anywhere else on a weekend in the summer!

My life summed up in one song or movie: Whiskey in a tea cup

Favourite must have nail product: Rose gold glitter (yes I know big surprise :) 

Maddie began her esthetics career in 2010 between years at university studying psychology.  Her passion quickly led to educator roles at multiple esthetics schools in Saskatoon. Although educating became a major part of her career, she always worked on the tools as well.

She feels educators need to be working with clients to better relate to students.

Teaching beginner nail technicians and writing curriculum is where her strengths lie, although she loves troubleshooting and shaping as well. She loves travelling for nail classes and meeting nail techs from all over the world. Being a part of NMC was an easy fit for this reason.

Her favourite part of the nail industry is the networking - you’ll find her sitting with other nail techs for hours discussing anything and everything nails. Her goals for the industry are to bring nail techs of all walks of life together. You could call her the social butterfly of the team :) 

While gel and Acrylgel are the main part of her business, Maddie also offers lash extensions, pedicures, waxing, lash lift and tints, permanent makeup, and microneedling.

Maddie lives in Saskatoon with her handsome hubby and two amazing kids. They make her life crazy and fulfilling all at the same time! If you find yourself in Saskatoon, shoot her a message and stop by for a visit!







Amanda Sosnowski 



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Rebalance and Reshape


Nails 101

Lashes 101


"NMC Studios"

Cudworth, SK





Fun Facts

Favourite Food:


If I was stranded on a desert island my one must have item is: oh.. I'm gonna need a knife

Sun Sign: Taurus

Favourite thing about NMC Studios in one word: Challenging

Favourite pastime: Netflix Binge or Shooting a Compound Bow

My life summed up in one song or movie: Bad Reputation (Joan Jett) lol

Favourite must have nail product: a solid black color

Nail Dealer by Day ... Addiction Counselor by night. Mom of 3, well 7 if you count the pets and husband lol. You'll find this one in the Saskatoon Area. Although she loves teaching everything, her absolute favorite is advancement and troubleshooting.

"In order to fix the problem.. you must find the root"

Teaching techs to troubleshoot and transform their shapes makes her heart flutter! 

Around the Sun 18 times in the esthetics industry, her tool box (literally) boasts everything from acrylgel (her ultimate fav), gel, acrylic and any kind of art medium. Lashes, waxing, PMU, tattoo removal and maybe soon tiny tattoos. Although she can do it all, her passion is in nails and growing NMC.

An original founder of NMC "Nail Masters Canada" a place where techs can challenge themselves to grow and gain confidence. Bringing competitions and tradeshows to Saskatoon and watching the NMC community grow over the past few years makes her smile!


She loves "making things happen" AKA the NMC Studios Product line ;) 

She loves projects for techs including throwing out mini challenges to see how techs push back with creativity vs creativity

Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 1.10.26 PM.png




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