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**** Extremely thin! When you take off the foil seal leave "an edge of the foil" and take your finger and round the edge back into the pot. If you cut right to the edge and tighten the lid.. she will run all over onyou!! ****


How do we begin to describe Wynn. She’s a apprentice for a reason! She has more then one use!


First she’s super thin and is an amazing brush cleaner. When you think your brush is clean… Wynn has a way of bringing more color out!


She can assist you with different styles of art depending on what you pair her with. With gel polishes she will give you a blooming gel technique, allowing the polish to fuzz slightly and under your control. When paired with a thicker gel paint, she creates fine lines and details that are perfect for smoke and marbling effects. Because she is so thin she works her way into a coat of glitter, filling in all the gaps giving your topcoat a smoother surface. Mix her with a bit of white and color to create milky or glass gels.


We simply love how diverse she is!!

Wynn - Apprentice

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